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Study Number: NRG-GU013
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This phase III trial compares stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), (five treatments over two weeks using a higher dose per treatment) to usual radiation therapy (20 to 45 treatments over 4 to 9 weeks) for the treatment of high-risk prostate cancer. SBRT uses special equipment to position a patient and deliver radiation to tumors with high precision. This method may kill tumor cells with fewer doses over a shorter period of time. This trial is evaluating if shorter duration radiation prevents cancer from coming back as well as the usual radiation treatment.

Available Sites
  • Missouri Baptist Medical Center
Contact Person(s)
  • Brittany Foy 314-996-5888

View More Information - This link will take you to clinicaltrials.gov for specific study information including eligibility criteria. A full list of participating institutions can also be found on this page.