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Study Number: ALLIANCE EAY191-A6
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This phase II ComboMATCH treatment trial compares the usual treatment of modified leucovorin, fluorouracil and oxaliplatin (mFOLFOX6) chemotherapy to using binimetinib plus mFOLFOX6 chemotherapy to shrink tumors in patients with biliary tract cancers that have spread to other places in the body (advanced) and had progression of cancer after previous treatments (2nd line setting). Fluorouracil is in a class of medications called antimetabolites. It works by slowing or stopping the growth of cancer cells in the body. Oxaliplatin is in a class of medications called platinum-containing antineoplastic agents. It works by killing tumor cells. Leucovorin may help the other drugs in the mFOLFOX6 chemotherapy regimen work better by making tumor cells more sensitive to the drugs. Binimetinib is in a class of medications called kinase inhibitors. It works by blocking the action of the abnormal protein that signals tumor cells to multiply. This helps to stop or slow the spread of tumor cells. Giving binimetinib in combination with mFOLFOX6 chemotherapy may be effective in shrinking or stabilizing advanced biliary tract cancers in the 2nd line setting.

Available Sites
  • Missouri Baptist Medical Center
  • Parkland Health Center - Farmington
Contact Person(s)
  • Brittany Foy 314-996-5888

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