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S1614 (Just in Time Study – See notes)

Study Number: S1614 (Just in Time Study – See notes)

This phase III trial studies how well tenofovir alafenamide works in preventing liver complications in participants with current or past hepatitis B virus (HBV) who are receiving anti-cancer therapy for solid tumors. People with chronic or past HBV who are undergoing therapy for cancer are at an increased risk for changes in the liver which could be minor or severe. Tenofovir alafenamide is a drug that acts against infections caused by HBV and may help reduce the chance that HBV gets worse or comes back in participants receiving anti-cancer therapy for solid tumors.

Please Note:

This is a "Just in Time" study. This means that it will take 7-10 days before IRB approval and consent form are available for use. Please contact the CRA so that the process can begin as soon as possible prior to the time the consent needs to be presented.

Contact Person(s)
  • MBMC, Henry Robinson, 314-996-5865

View More Information - This link will take you to clinicaltrials.gov for specific study information including eligibility criteria. A full list of participating institutions can also be found on this page.